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Whether you are interested in our recreational program for physical well being or honing skills to prepare for a team, Cheer Eclipse offers an array of classes that will fit your developmental needs.  Classes are kept small to ensure premium attention and quick progression. 

Tumbling provides both physical and mental benefits.  It builds strength, coordination, self-esteem, and confidence.

Cheer classes enable athletes to work with others while being introduced to the fundamentals of cheerleading.

We invite you to come and visit us and consider enrolling in one of our outstanding programs.

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icon Mini Tumbling

This class is designed for young athletes ages 3 years to 5 years old. Athletes will begin with basic instruction on body positions for tumbling. They will also be introduced to the basic fundamentals of cheerleading. The required skills needed to enroll in Mini Cheernastics are: Be socially ready to participate in a group setting

icon Level I

This class will teach the basic body positions through various drills and exercises as well as strength conditioning. Emphasis will be placed on perfecting the handstand, cartwheel, round-off, backbend pull up, and backbend kickover. No previous experience or skills are required to enroll in this class.

icon Level II

This class is focused towards cleaning and strengthening the round-off along with reviewing the basic body positions learned in Level I. They will also begin drills for standing back handsprings. Athletes will continue to work on strength drills to enhance their tumbling skills. The required skills needed to enroll in Beginner Level II are: Beginner round-off, Backbend pull up and Backbend kickover unassisted.

icon Level III

This class will introduce athletes to round-off back back handspring back tucks while continuing to perfect both standing and round-off backhandsprings series. Round-off backhandspring series will be taught while continuing to emphasize strength and conditioning. Standing backhandspring backtucks & standing backtucks will also be taught.  The required skills to enroll in Level III are: Round-off backhandspring & Standing backhandspring

icon Level IV

Athletes will work elite skills such as layouts. Athletes will continue to strengthen elite standing tumbling. The required skills needed to enroll in Level IV Tumbling are: Round-off backhandspring back , Standing back tuck or backhandspring back tuck. They will be introduced to alternate passes, and front tumbling.

icon Twisters (instructor referral)

This class is specifically designed for athletes working towards a full twisting layout. Athletes must recieve an instructor referral to enroll in this class.

icon Level 5

Athletes will be introduced to double full twisting layouts, standing fulls, they will also continue to strengthen alternate passes, and front tumbling. The required skills needed to enroll in Level 5 Tumbling are:Round-off backhandspring full twisting layout, Standing backtuck, Backhandspring layout.

icon Cheerleading

This class is designed for athletes that are interested in learning the basic fundamentals such as jump technique, motion technique, and dances. Students will learn special drills to help strengthen jumps.

icon Open Gym

Open gym is offered for those athletes enrolled in any Cheer Eclipse classes or athletes from outside our gym. It is a flexible structure; it is simply an opportunity for the athletes to have access to the facility and the equipment under coach supervision.  If you are not a registered member you must have a waiver signed by a parent and  pay $5.00 for each Open Gym session attended.

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